fredag den 24. august 2012

DAPUG WorkShop 23.- 24. oktober 2012

"RAD XE3 - One Studio to rule them all"
med Anders Ohlsson på Hotel Hesselet

RAD XE3 is the newest version of our favourite development environments. Once again Embarcadero is ahead of the game, with support for all the hottest things in the development business.With the new HTML5, Firemonkey 2, Mobile Studio 64-bit C++ compiler, building applications and apps for a lot of different platforms is a must. All this is available in RAD Studio XE3, and Anders Ohlsson, long time Evangelist is ready to share his secrets on how to utilise the tools in the best possible way.

Anders Ohlsson is part of Embarcadero's Developer Relations Team. When he's not in
the office, he can be found in an aisle seat on an airplane, at some developer
conference, trade show, user group or seminar evangalizing to the world why everyone
should use the Embarcadero suite of developer and database tools.

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