fredag den 10. september 2021

Workshop 23.-24. november 2021 på Hotel Hesselet

Stefan Glienke
Optimizing Development Using Delphi
November 23 and 24
Hotel HesseletChristianslundsvej 119, 5800 Nyborg

Stefan Glienke started with Delphi more than 20 years ago. He is a regular speaker on several conferences and maintainer of a few software projects, such as Spring4D, DSharp and lately Benchmark. He is also the author of TestInsight and Delphi UsesHelper. With a focus on runtime libraries, developer productivity and software architecture he likes to write software for software developers and help them do their job better.
During the workshop Stefan will show several parts of Spring4D, how modern CPU hardware influences code and how to measure and improve the performance of your software.
Stefan is also genuinely a really great guy to be around. He is very helpful and goes out of his way to help a stuck developer. Of Sci-fi series he is a big fan of Star Trek, and when there is spare time he might be found as an archer in Final Fantasy, and to be able to really relate to the figure he has also been seen on archery ranges shooting arrows.
The different timeslots are a rough outline of the various topics he will cover – he might stretch one topic a bit and shift things around as fit.
You find the registration form here.
Please note that you must register on Friday October 8, 2021 at latest.
Participation requires that your company is a valid member of DAPUG. This is an annual fee of DKK 800, and covers all registrants for that company. If you are not representing a company you will need to have a personal membership of DAPUG, which is also an annual fee of DKK 800
Registration fee is DKK 6000 per participant. This includes both workshop days, including all meals and accommodation.
Pay no later than the 18th of November, and you can deduct DKK 500 per participant, bringing the total to DKK 5500.

Workshop Agenda:

Tuesday (Day 1)
08:00 - Arrival and setup
09:30 - Welcome to Stefan
09:45 - Introduction to Spring4D
10:45 - BREAK
11:00 - Collection types
12:00 - LUNCH
13:00 - Software meets hardware
14:00 - BREAK
14:10 - Measuring with SamplingProfiler
15:15 - Using Spring.Benchmark
16:00 - A word from Nohau
18:30 - Drinks before dinner in Tranquebar
19:00 - DINNER
Wednesday (Day 2)
07:00 - BREAKFAST and CHECK OUT (plz check out from your room before 09:00)
09:00 - Introduction to VTune
10:00 - BREAK
10:10 - How to profile properly
11:15 - A word about big O
12:00 - LUNCH
13:00 - Optimization stories – making the RTL faster
14:15 - Fun with collections
15:00 - Break
15:10 - The search for the best sorting algorithm
16:00 - Wrap up and evaluation