torsdag den 13. marts 2008

WorkShop 14.-15. maj på Hotel Hesselet

Creating Data Objects through Code Generation

Inheritance is not the only way to implement code reuse. A powerful alternative approach is to write a code generator that creates the objects that you use to read and write your database data.

In this DAPUG Workshop, author Cary Jensen shares his experience in writing data-based code generators. The workshop begins with a discussion of the basic principles of code generation, and how this generated code can greatly improve the maintenance of your applications and increase the integrity of your database data. How this generated code differs from traditional object hierarchies is emphasized, and various methods of writing code generators are explored.

The workshop continues with a practical example of code generator development. Individually, or in groups, workshop delegates will build a data-based code generator using their programming language of choice (though Delphi, C#, and VB for .NET will be featured in the examples demonstrated).

The following are a list of topics that will be discussed:
  • Generating class definitions based on database tables
  • Understanding the difference between data driven code generation and structure driven code generation
  • Creating collections of objects that work together
  • Writing code generators that understand master-detail relationships
  • Building objects that automatically validate data
  • Creating code generated objects that interact with manually written code
  • Implementing transactions inside generated code to ensure data integrity
  • Making code generation and inheritance work together

This workshop will improve your development skills by teaching you new and powerful ways to think about objects, and how they are created.

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